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Installing a Dimmer Switch |

Installing a Dimmer Switch

After installing a light fixture in my living room, I thought it would be fun to go hog wild and install a dimmer switch. This is one of the easiest improvements you can make to your home and it makes a huge impact. Mood lighting anyone? You’ll need a Voltage Detector; Voltage Tester; Wire Stripper/Cutter; Electrical Tape; Safety Glasses; […] Read more…

Snickerdoodles |


From the first time I tried snickerdoodles, they were an instant favorite. Far better than a run of the mill sugar cookie, they’re packed with cinnamon, and certainly give chocolate chip cookies a run for their money. I had never actually baked my own until recently when I came across this post on Smitten Kitchen. I made […] Read more…

Paint Color Inspiration |

The Infinity Effect

  Historically when deciding on paint colors I’ve always aired on the “light and airy” side. When I last painted my living room in 2010, I had just fallen in love with dove grey. It was bright and far more compelling than paperwhite walls. A few months ago during a Downton Abbey binge I became engrossed […] Read more…

Resolutions 2015 |

Resolutions and Goals for 2015

I used to look at new years as a reminder of all of the things I didn’t accomplish in the year that’s passed, swearing up and down every January that I’d make a change. And every year I’d fail again at my goal for losing weight, getting a different job, finishing school, etc. In an […] Read more…

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