Each year I tell myself that I’ll get on board with Apartment Therapy’s January cure, and each year I fail to do so. This year however, I’ve decided to put the pressure on myself by live-blogging my progress day to day.

Picture 3

The first week requirements are simple, make a list of projects you’d potentially like to tackle. What I really love about the cure is that it’s generated to aid in identifying problem areas in a home that you might not necessarily notice until going around your house with a notepad.

I’ve narrowed this list down to five projects I’d like to move forward with.

1) Repurpose rusty old bar cart (this is kind of a cheat since I started last week)

2) Install hand towel ring in bathroom. This may seem silly, but it’s really bothered me how our hand towel is slung up with the regular-sized towels. I realize that I’m probably  definitely ridiculous.

3) Paint bookcase

4) Spray paint IKEA frames and hang gallery wall

5) New desk pull

The second part of the assignment was to clean all floors, buy green cleaners, and fresh flowers.

I’m pretty big on going cheap so this morning I went to Trader Joe’s to pick up flowers to arrange my own bouquets. Hydrangeas, freesia, and greens. Two bouquets for $17!