Today’s assignment was pretty simple, spend 10 minutes in a space that goes un-lived in to gain a new perspective on your home. I’ve been struggling to discover what I wanted this blog to be about. I knew what my interests were and after following lifestyle blogs for about 6 years, I knew that I wanted to be a part of sharing within this community. I just didn’t know where I fit, and that was frustrating!

Today I took 10 minutes and spent my time in a place that is less than un-lived in, it’s basically forgotten/completely avoided. I went inside one of the creepy spaces in our house, there are a few.


It. was. terrifying.

Admittedly most of the ten minutes was spent half in-half out, since I couldn’t make it inside the overstuffed, undersized closet. Suddenly it hit me. I knew what I wanted this blog to be about.

With the exception of a few years, I’ve lived in this home for the better part of my life. The house itself has been in our family for roughly 80 years. My mom grew up here, as did I. It’s a special bond we share and I feel very fortunate for that gift. I always joke with my friends how, much like San Francisco, no matter how well I think I know the place, I always find something that surprises me.

Today I decided that I wanted How Fantastic to be about uncovering the undiscovered. Lately I’ve been working on repurposing old things found in the basement of my home. I think on some subconscious level I kind of knew that this was the direction I wanted to take with the blog. I hope you’ll join me as I continue to breathe new life into forgotten treasures and celebrate my little piece of history.