When I decided to finish school and move home, I knew that I needed to make some major changes to my living space. The first order of business was a new sofa. After that I decided that I really needed an expanded desk area for my printer and craft supplies so I’d have more room for homework.

Naturally my first inclination is generally to see what I can get for cheap. After hmming and hawing over some options online (all of which were wood composite and wouldn’t last), I decided to check out our basement to see what I could make work. I came across this seriously unloved, odd-shaped bookcase that probably belonged in my grandfather’s home office at some point. It had gashes all around that I knew were going to be tough, but I was optimistic so I decided to go to work on it.
The sanding took a long, long time. For whatever reason I decided not to use a paint stripper. *Face palm* Next time I’ll know better.
I intended on using wood putty, but some of the damage was so deep I wanted something more substantial. I used Elmer’s wood filler, applied with a putty knife. It took 6 coats with sanding in between before I got a somewhat smooth finish. After doing a bit of research I found that this was a common issue with the product and wouldn’t recommend it for future use. It took me two tubes of this stuff to get the job done!

I used an all purpose primer that I had left over from another project and spray painted two cans of Rustoleom’s white enamel to give it enough coverage.
I was on the hunt for something that would fit the length of the bookcase 32″ and IKEA/target options just weren’t working. I found the storage boxes on clearance at TJ Maxx for a total of $20 YES!

In the future I think I’ll probably update that chair to a geometric painted back and a mongolian fur seat. Or I might get ballsy and strip the varnish and dip the legs in a metallic paint! Time will tell…

  • Sunshine

    I enjoy looking at your projects; so classy, great work, great tips and great imagination.