Oh how I loved this assignment! First off, let me just share the fact that I am a cereal closet purger. There’s something about living in an old house that has made me this way. My mother has held on to so many treasures (for which I’m so grateful), but it’s definitely made me realize my limits on what I can justify keeping. Because my home is rich with heirlooms, photos, and furniture all passed down from generations, I develop very few sentimental attachments to things like old clothes or childhood toys.

It felt like fate that this assignment fell on the day after I decided to spend some (really uncomfortable) time in my creepy forgotten closet. It’s the one space in my room that I feel guilty about not paying attention to, but can you blame a girl? It is seriously scary in there! The point is too collect items that you feel on the fence about keeping, and after a week if you don’t miss them, you toss the lot! This felt like cheating since I’ve really forgotten the majority of what was in there. With the exception of a few personal mementos, I’ve cleared out nearly a third of the space! Here are some highlights.
A surfer girl sign that my mom bought on a trip to Hawaii, super chic I know.
My first boom box! The dust was left for authenticity purposes…or maybe I’m lying and was too lazy to clean it.
Spice World on VHS? I have a feeling I might miss this one.

  • Please tell me you did not get rid of that Spice World vhs! Its practically a vintage find now!

    ps. great job on the blog! love the simplicity and no fuss design & layout!

    • howfantasticblog@gmail.com

      Haha I don’t think it’s playable anymore. We should definitely reunite soon Ms. King!