Alright so I totally failed at keeping up with the January Cure, but there was one chore that I consistently did keep up with, the weekend ritual of buying flowers for the home. After reading this post on Apartment Therapy, I was inspired to try out grocery store flowers.

I have to say the results were spectacular! My flowers from Trader Joes easily lasted me 10+ days and I was able to make a pair of bouquets each week for under $20.

Every time I entered my room this week, I was greeted with the smell of roses that is nothing short of addicting. I think that Flower Friday might just have to be a weekly tradition in Casa de Rita.



Flowers used this week: From Trader Joe’s

2 bunches of calla lilies ($3.99 each), 1 bunch of roses with tall greens ($5.99), 1 bunch of snapdragons ($3.99)

Psst! Flowers from this post were also from good old TJ’s.