Last week I talked about how it’s been really summery in this post. Even though the weather has started cooling down, I’m still clutching to the idea of summer in January. So when I stumbled upon cucumber and mint while perusing the farmer’s market I decided I’d experiment a little with a summer inspired gin-based cocktail.


Ingredients used:

Cucumber (diced)

Ginger Root (diced)

Cane Sugar (1 tsp optional)

Lime (1 tsp lime juice Excuse the squeeze bottle!)

Gin (1 shot)


Sprig of mint for garnish


This is super simple to make with basic beginner bar tools.
First combine a small amount of ginger (approx 3 diced pieces), cucumber (approx 5 diced pieces), 1 tsp of lime juice, and 1 tsp of sugar (optional). Muddle these ingredients in a tall glass/shaker. Add 1 shot of gin and ice, then shake. In a separate glass, add ice before straining your mixture. Top off with soda and a sprig of mint to garnish. Then voila! Go ahead and call yourself fancy because you just made a super easy, refreshing cocktail!