No-sew DIY Blackout Curtains

I love how my bed is tucked away in a small offshoot from my living/office area.The space is tiny and the surrounding 3 windows fill the space with light. It’s nice in theory, however not so great when I awake at 6am to the light-flooded room.


I wanted to play up the airy feeling of the room and avoid closing the space in with heavy curtains. Most light-blocking curtains I found were either expensive or unattractive and because I like to be difficult, I decided they needed to be white.

White black-out curtains? Isn’t that an oxymoron?

I suppose so, but I was set on them anyway. Simple, crisp, white.


I bought these panels at target, the blackout fabric at Joann’s, and adhesive tape from Michael’s.

Originally I was going to use ring clips and follow this DIY (because Sherry is my spirit blogger) however I could not for the life of me get the fixtures off the window frame. *Sigh* Old house + bad paint-job = major problems.


It was looking like I was going to have to sew the curtains — with no sewing machine to my name. This was obviously not my top choice. I did a little research to see if an iron-on adhesive tape would do the trick. I was nervous the plastic material would melt and destroy both my iron and curtains in the process so I tested it first, cutting a small swatch of blackout fabric and keeping the iron on low without steam. It worked like a charm so I decided to go forward.


After cutting the fabric down, turn your iron on a medium setting. Place the curtain panel on top of the blackout fabric. If you are using a pull-pocket curtain, place the adhesive tape just under the top seam of the curtain and match it up to the blackout fabric underneath. This was easy for me since the curtain fabric was pretty much see-through.


*Caution: Be conscious of what you use as your work surface. I used my area rug and a bit of the glue came through and roughened up a tiny spot on the rug, so you might want something underneath that you don’t mind damaging.

After making sure everything is lined up nicely, hold the iron over a spot for 5 seconds. After 5 seconds move the iron over for another 5 seconds, so on and so forth.

Once you’re done, let the curtain cool for about thirty seconds before checking the hold. If you aren’t getting enough hold by ironing with the curtain on top, you can flip everything over and iron with the blackout fabric on top. Take care to only hold the iron for 3 seconds with this method and make sure that at no point you are using the steam setting. I didn’t steam it myself, but I have a hunch this would crinkle/melt the blackout material.

Let the curtain cool for another couple of minutes before hanging to ensure a nice hold, then hoist those babies up! You are done!

Check out the difference below!



Additional Helpful Tips:

  • You really don’t need as much fabric as you may think. In my case, I was nervous about the blackout material showing through the white curtains so I bought enough to cover my entire panels. My curtains are pretty see-through and I personally think they look much better with just one foot going below the window ledge.
  • Keep in mind, adding more fabric to your curtains will affect the way they lay. Given the thickness of the blackout, my curtains appear more bulky than they did prior –a price I’m willing to pay for better sleep. If you’re concerned about how your curtains will lay, you might want to purchase blackout curtains instead of committing to this DIY.

  • Rachel Bell

    These are great! Will definitely try something like this for my next curtain project.

    • Thanks Rachel! Even easier is clipping the blackout on with curtain ring clips!

    • Thanks Rachel! If you have a standard curtain rod, you could alternatively purchase some ring clips and clip the blackout liner on!

  • Mad106

    is this liner with rubber backing? if so did it melt when you ironed?

    • I was afraid of that too, but it didn’t melt or pucker at all. Give it a try, this adhesive tape is amazing!

  • BB

    This is and ideal project and cost saver. I have a polyester fabric white curtains I like with grommets. I’m wondering if the curtains can be laundered after applying the blackout and tape. Would it hold? Please let me know. I’d like to start soon. :0)

    • I haven’t laundered mine, but I imagine if you’re concerned you could always do velcro instead. Best of luck!

  • Tracey

    Well done, I was trying to figure a way to make my own as well, I have gone to the stores and they are usually really expensive, too much for me when I need six windows on that side of the house to be covered, also; I do not want the colors they simply do not match my home, so this was the best site to find this. Thank you.