Flower Friday

So because I’m in total denial that this could be the flu, I’m telling myself this is nothing but a  cold that can be fought off with tea and apple cider vinegar. So far I’m losing that argument…

Since it’s raining (finally!) and I’m pretty much a sick, useless mess, this Flower Friday post is a bit of a work with whatcha got situation. Recycling flowers from an old bouquet and downsizing is something I actually do quite frequently. It’s a great way to stretch your dollar and spread your flowers into smaller spaces like a nightstand or bathroom sink. Using flowers from this batch, I was able to create two smaller bouquets. The larger one is for the bar cart and the smaller one for my nightstand.


One thing I learned from last week is that Irises are super water-suckers and they don’t have a very long vase-life, mine died within about 5 days. However reusing the rest of the winter mix was a piece of cake! If you want to recycle flowers from a previous week’s bouquet, follow these five easy steps to make sure they last:

1) Trim down the stems. If the stems are softer than they were last week, trim them down to where they’re more firm. If the whole stem has gotten flimsy, don’t be fooled by the look of the petals, toss them! Tossing dead/nearly dead flowers is important since this will contaminate the water and in turn, kill off your other flowers sooner.

2) Make sure to remove any dead leaves as well as any living leaves that may sit in the water. A florist told me it’s best to make sure leaves aren’t submerged, I’m guessing probably for the same water contamination reason mentioned above.

3) This step is a little obvious, but if you are using the same vase make sure to clean it with lukewarm/hot water and, if you use soap, make sure your water runs clean when you’re done. Flowers hate dish liquid so rinse, rinse, rinse!

4) Use just a bit of flower food if you have any on hand. This stuff is not a gimmick! I usually put that in before filling my vase with water then use the stems to stir in the mixture.

5) Make sure your water is never too icy, this is especially important for flowers indigenous to warmer climates –I’m looking at you gardenias! This can shock the flowers and I’m sure by now you’ve realized that flowers are total divas! *snaps in Z-formation*


I’m going to get back to my chamomile tea and using my cat as a foot-warmer. Have a fantastic weekend!