So we can pretty much all agree that the faux taxidermy trend is a total fad, but a fad we love nonetheless right? I was tickled by the idea of this unicorn, but didn’t want to spend the money on something I knew I’d probably be sick of within the year.

While I originally planned on a paper mache DIY like this one, I found something that was beyond cute and ehem really easy which is what I’m all about these days. Don’t worry, I have a more ambitious DIY headed your way soon.

For now, let’s revel in the fact that this gazelle head was just $12  at Beverly’s. Sorry PB Teen, this one totally gets my vote!

I completed the project using just a few supplies I already had.

Supplies Faux Taxidermy

I started by using my Kel-Bond Universal Primer originally purchased for this project last month. I hate being wasteful, so I love that this can be applied to mutiple surfaces, wood, tile, aluminum. It’s awesome.

DIY Faux Deer Head

Once my primer was fully dry I went over it with a semi-gloss (Kelly Moore’s Acoustic White). For the horns, I decided not to use any tape, since I wanted a more natural look. I bought this GOLDEN paint from Michael’s. The color is beautiful and it has excellent coverage –I only used about a pea size for each horn.


I think it needs a little something extra, don’t you? For now I’ve hung a dried flower chain as a placeholder. Though I’m thinking a crown a la this guy would be really fun in the future. What do you guys think would be a fun addition to my golden gazelle?


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