SF Ferry Building | HowFantasticBlog.com | Tulle Midi Skirt, Lulu's Lucite Heels, Old Navy Nautical Striped Sweater

Wearing: Old Navy Sweater (similar here); tulle midi skirt (similar here); Lulu’s Lucite heels (also available here)

I often joke that growing up in San Francisco is like working at Disneyland. There’s just some hint of magic that I’ll always be missing out on. However there are still a few places that still manage to give me those butterflies that make me think hot damn this is the best city in the world. The Farmer’s Market at the Ferry Building is one of those places. With the fallen piers lining the Embarcadero against the Bay Bridge backdrop, it has this feeling of old and new that just feels like home. So every now and again, weather permitting of course, I’ll bear the crowds, indulge in overpriced cheese (totally worth it by the way), and take in the magic.

SF Ferry Building | HowFantasticBlog.com

SF Ferry Building | HowFantasticBlog.com | Tulle Midi Skirt | Nautical Striped Sweater | Lucite Heels

Since I’m anticipating dog questions I’ll note that this adorable King Charles is not mine, but my former roommate’s. He’s an absolute love!