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A little while back I purchases these RIBBA shelves in the hopes of putting them on the wall above my Chloe sofa. My idea was to cut one of the pieces down and offset them. This shelf was the discarded piece that was cut away. To cut the piece I used my Ryobi miter saw before drilling new holes. I filled old holes with spackle and did a light sanding before coating the sides with Behr Ultra White Semi-Gloss.

Initially I was going to leave it white but after seeing this tutorial on painting faux marble, I decided to give it a try.

Before painting, I needed to rough up the glossy surface. I used a hand sander and 100 grit sandpaper to achieve this.

Next I used a feather from a craft store and started painting diagonal lines with the lightest color. Using the same feather I painted diagonal lines in the same direction with a darker color, I repeated this with my darked color again. I found that it’s best to apply the lightest color liberally and then do less and less with each darker color.

Then making sure my spray bottle was on mist and not stream I sprayed the shelf from 18 inches away. The tutorial I read said to use a sea sponge to smudge and clean up parts, but I found that blotting with a paper towel worked just fine.

A couple hours later I sprayed the entire shelf down with Deft Clear Wood Finish. I found that 2-3 coats really sealed things in nicely. Make sure if you’re doing this, you wait at least 30 minutes in between coats.

DIY Faux Marble Shelf |

DIY Faux Marble Shelf |

Materials for Painting a Faux Marble Shelf |

Materials and Tools:

RIBBA shelf ($14.99), 100 grit sandpaper ($3.97), Behr Utra White Semigloss($14), craftsmart black paint ($0.69), craftsmart white paint ($0.69), Americana Neutral Grey ($1.79), Americana Grey Sky ($1.79), some colors from a paint by numbers pack ($6), feather ($0.40), Deft Clear Wood Finish ($5.98), spray bottle ($3.78), spackle ($4.28), putty knife ($1), Ryobi Miter Saw TS1142L ($89)

Total Cost of Materials excluding tools: $64.32


2 minutes to cut, 40 minutes painting (including drying times in between coats and clear coat)

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