Real Steal Zara Floral Print Dress vs. Sheinside Pink Half Sleeve Blue Floral Ruffle Dress |

Zara Floral Print Dress ($80), Sheinside Pink Half Sleeve Blue Floral Ruffle Dress ($17)

Tell me, have you ever purchased something you really loved at a price you were just ehhh okay with, only to find the exact same garment for a fraction of the price somewhere else? We’ve all been there, it’s not the worst thing in the world, but with a savings of over $60 you definitely could buy breakfast, lunch, and dinner (in San Francisco no less) and have enough for a cocktail after.

But what about quality? Fair point, if we’re talking silk vs. acrylic, which is why I looked at the composition of both dresses. Zara lists 94% Polyester and  6% Elastane while Sheinside lists Polyester alone. We’re essentially looking at the same freaking dress! So go ahead save yourself $60 and buy a second (or even third!) flouncy floral dress for summer!