Well it has certainly been awhile! I wanted to start this new year off with a fresh new layout and a new approach to the reader’s experience.

The new look at How Fantastic isn’t anything revolutionary, but I feel that it’s still a great improvement from the traditional blog layout that was in place. The new look allows you to preview a snippet of each post with a featured image. This ability to see several things at once, rather than having to scroll through a ton of posts, is by far my favorite update. There’s also a lot more creative freedom with posting.

This year you’ll see new features including image sliders, multiple columns, pull quotes, and all sorts of fun stuff I’ve been geeking out over.

The new look isn’t all that I have in store for you. This year I’ve got a ton of great projects on the horizon including a room makeover, an unexpected upcycle, and tons of weekend crafts. Stay tuned!