I used to look at new years as a reminder of all of the things I didn’t accomplish in the year that’s passed, swearing up and down every January that I’d make a change. And every year I’d fail again at my goal for losing weight, getting a different job, finishing school, etc. In an effort to break this cycle, I’ve decided to refocus my energy toward strengthening my relationships with others and myself. Goals and Resolutions 2015 | HowFantasticBlog.com

Here are a few of the goals I’ve set for 2015:

~ditch the timeline~

Instead focusing on missed opportunities and mistakes of the past, I’d like to give myself a little more credit for the things I’m accomplishing right now. Moreover I need to be okay with taking my time to figure things out, life isn’t a race.

~have a tea date with friends~

I tell myself that I’m going to do this every year. This time I’m setting a date, buying a ridiculous hat, and going for it.

~let go of being right~

I’m learning (slowly) that understanding and respect get me much further in relationships with friends and family than winning arguments does.

~take a trip~

While I’ve gone on small weekend getaways, it’s been more than two years since I actually ventured outside of California. For 2015, I’d love nothing more than to get out of dodge and do some real traveling with Rich.

~spend more time with family~

Before Thanksgiving this year.

~carve out more time to create~

The fall semester certainly got the best of me, and my blogging projects came to a halt. The reason I have this blog isn’t to check off a box, it’s because I really love spending time creating and learning new things along the way. My goal for 2015 is to allocate more time toward the creative projects I love. Who knows, maybe I’ll even take that upholstery class I’ve been talking about for years.

I’d like to know, what goals or resolutions have you set for yourselves this year?