DIY Switchplate |

After installing my new light fixture and dimmer, I wanted to up my switchplate game to something with a little more character. I had picked up a pretty trellis wrapping paper at Daiso ages ago and thought it would work perfect with this color scheme. Here are the materials you’ll need:

DIY Switchplate |

 1. Switchplate; 2. acrylic paint; 3. Mod Podge; 4. two small paint Switchplate DIY | HowFantasticBlog.combrushes; 5. cutting mat and blade; 6. scissors (optional)



Step 1: Cut a section of paper leaving a half inch perimeter for insurance.





Step 2: Completely coat the switchplate front and sides with Mod Podge.





Step 3: While Mod Podge is still wet, carefully place your piece of wrapping paper over the switchplate, pushing any bubbles outward. Then flip over and pinch the corners together.



Step 4: Using your x-acto knife and cutting mat, cut off excess wrapping paper around the sides and on the inside. Touch up edges of paper with Mod Podge and set aside to dry.




Step 5: Paint the screws an interesting color. I used a gold acrylic paint for this.





Step 6: After everything has dried, simply install and you’re done!




This only took me about 5 minutes to make (not including drying time of course), and it completely worth the $2 I spent on wrapping paper.



  • I love this! I never even thought about doing this, but love how cute it is!

  • So creative!! Love this idea!

  • Logan Cantrell

    How cute! I love it!

  • Meggs Hanna

    LOVE this idea! We just painted our kitchen and I have loads of scrapbook paper… I want to do this in every room now! lol

  • Happily Ever Rushed

    Very cute, i may do this for the nursery..

  • What a great idea! And even better that it’s quick!

  • Jess Rey

    what a great way to dress up a switch plate, especially if it is dated!

  • That is so simple yet it adds so much character to your room! I love it!

  • Great idea! It turned out lovely!