| DeskIt’s no secret that San Francisco is a hub for small space living, which inevitably means getting creative with multi-use spaces. In a new series, Small Space Solutions, I’ll debunk the challenges that come with living with limited square footage. From tiny closets to cramped kitchens, I’ll explore how to keep things functional, stylish, and tidy.

When I posted about my updated Living Room last year, I hadn’t quite figured out how to integrate a proper workspace into my 150 square foot living room. It seemed that the only feasible fit for a desk was directly across from my sofa. For awhile I limped on with my childhood desk. It got the job done, but I figured I was overdue for an upgrade. | Desk-Before

  1. Having more space to work
  2. Increasing Storage Space
  3. Integrating living room needs i.e. a TV and artwork
  4. Maintaining the existing aesthetic

1. Having More Space to Work

While my existing desk was still usable it was, admittedly, fit for a child and completely void of style/personality. After months of searching higher end websites and being met with sticker-shock, I gave IKEA a shot –enter the Alex desk. It was spacious enough for two to work side by side and came with drawer space, which meant I’d have a ton of room. | Small Space Solution: Combining Office & Media Area

2. Increasing Storage Space

The thing that sold me on the Alex desk was the storage capabilities. It had two wide drawers that were deep enough to store office supplies and stationary, but shallow enough to keep organized. The Alex drawers situated to the right of the desk provided extra storage for beauty supplies, while the magazine rack allowed space for bills and notepads.

3. Integrating Living Room Needs

While my new work area was an obvious upgrade, it still felt odd having my this as a head-on view from my sofa. Eventually I came up with a small space solution that would unify my needs for a home office and living room. In lieu of a television, I tried out my mom’s old (but sizable) computer monitor. It was compact enough to use as a second monitor, and large enough to settle into Sunday night viewings of Game of Thrones.

4. Maintaining the Existing Aesthetic | Small Space Solution: Combining Office & Media Area

When I painted my room a dark color, I wanted to defy the stereotype of dark being synonymous with moody. To battle that I made every other aspect bright and/or colorful. I brought in girly accents such as pink pillows, flowy drapes, and a gilded bar cart. When considering how I wanted to decorate, I implemented touches that fit with the existing vibe. | Small Space Solution: Combining Office & Media AreaI came across the beautiful print from Clare Elsa Esser on Etsy and thought the tones would play well with my existing purple marbled art and pillows on the opposite wall. For final touches I added a few sentimental photos, a calendar to keep organized, and a vintage punchbowl as a catchall for keys.

Small space living is often tricky. But by taking my time and assessing what I wanted out of the room, this once disjointed space feels unified in both style and functionality.

Source List:

Alex Desk; Alex Drawers; Kvissle Magazine RackTobias Chair; Ekby Wall Shelf; Large Ribba Frame; Clare Elsaesser ArtMedium Ribba Frames; Quote Art; Donut Art; & Globe. | Small Space Solution: Combining Office & Media Area | Small Space Solution: Combining Office & Media Area

  • Wow, you do a great job keeping a small space both beautiful and functional! We have a pretty small apartment too, and I’m so inspired to fix up our space now! I especially love that globe….