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Snickerdoodles |


From the first time I tried snickerdoodles, they were an instant favorite. Far better than a run of the mill sugar cookie, they’re packed with cinnamon, and certainly give chocolate chip cookies a run for their money. I had never actually baked my own until recently when I came across this post on Smitten Kitchen. I made […] Read more…


3-Cheese Fondue

Now that summer has officially come to a close and the temperatures are starting to drop, I thought I’d embrace the change in season the best way I know how, with food. Now fondue isn’t a particularly seasonal food, but as far as comfort foods go, it’s right up there with mint chip ice cream […] Read more…


Disappearing Rhubarb Cake

The first time I tasted rhubarb was a little late in life. I was nineteen and has just moved to England to study. While the memories of that year have mostly faded now, the smell of rhubarb in the oven still manages to take me back to my friend’s kitchen where I tasted it for […] Read more…