Interiors | Small Space Solution: Combining Office & Media Area

Small Space Solution: Fitting an Home Office and Living Room into 150 square feet

It’s no secret that San Francisco is a hub for small space living, which inevitably means getting creative with multi-use spaces. In a new series, Small Space Solutions, I’ll debunk the challenges that come with living with limited square footage. From tiny closets to cramped kitchens, I’ll explore how to keep things functional, stylish, and tidy. Having […] Read more…

Paint Color Inspiration |

The Infinity Effect

  Historically when deciding on paint colors I’ve always aired on the “light and airy” side. When I last painted my living room in 2010, I had just fallen in love with dove grey. It was bright and far more compelling than paperwhite walls. A few months ago during a Downton Abbey binge I became engrossed […] Read more…

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