Fantastic Finds


Fantastic Finds

1. It’s a bold move, but asking for feedback during an interview can be a real game-changer  | 2. The cutest tea towel for the baker/chef in your life ($16) | 3. 25 Before-Afters you don’t want to miss | 4. Rings I’ve been eyeing for months (the Fantasia ring is my favorite)  | 5. Gorgeous time-lapse of blooming flowers | 6. The […] Read more…


Fantastic Finds: Fourth of July Edition

Welcome to the first installment of Fantastic Finds, a place where I can share articles, recipes, and whatever else I find interesting and fun! The first of the series is a Fourth of July edition. What are some summer essentials that you’ll have in tow tomorrow? 1. We’ll be using this perfect sized picnic blanket this coming […] Read more…