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Resolutions and Goals for 2015

I used to look at new years as a reminder of all of the things I didn’t accomplish in the year that’s passed, swearing up and down every January that I’d make a change. And every year I’d fail again at my goal for losing weight, getting a different job, finishing school, etc. In an […] Read more…


New Year, New Layout!

Well it has certainly been awhile! I wanted to start this new year off with a fresh new layout and a new approach to the reader’s experience. The new look at How Fantastic isn’t anything revolutionary, but I feel that it’s still a great improvement from the traditional blog layout that was in place. The […] Read more…


3-Cheese Fondue

Now that summer has officially come to a close and the temperatures are starting to drop, I thought I’d embrace the change in season the best way I know how, with food. Now fondue isn’t a particularly seasonal food, but as far as comfort foods go, it’s right up there with mint chip ice cream […] Read more…